IT Focus Technology is changing the way you do and manage your business. Staying on top of changing technology and using it to your competitive advantage requires expertise and know-how. Small and medium-sized businesses need to maximize employee productivity and efficiency but lack the resources to take I.T. to the next level. I.T. outsourcing can help businesses stay on top of changing technology without inconvenience.

To maintain a competitive advantage, small to medium-sized companies are doing what large multinational companies have been doing for years. They are outsourcing their I.T. to experienced certified companies that will reduce costs and improve productivity by developing an I.T. strategy that allows for growth. Companies can focus on meeting their business goals and not the hassles that can surround I.T.

Why Opennet Should be you IT partner?
It’s important to be up to date with the latest technology making cost-effective solutions ready and at your hands in the business. The main idea is to offer to clients an excellent option not only in terms of operational effects, it’s also a

planning and support strategy ready to get your business up to date with no further effort because the IT operation is our main responsibility. We know our IT business it’s time to stop worrying about your company server, or your network issue, OpenNet will deal up with all support issues and our team will manage your difficulties.

Plan your business goal and forget about IT requirements. We believe that most of the times it’s more important to concentrate on the core business of the company and make an IT outsourcing solution ready for your size and budget with the experts. Small and medium-sized business needs to maximize employee productivity and efficiency.

It Outsourcing Benefits
In today’s business environment, companies want to be more competitive and for that reason, outsourcing services with and excellent IT Partner is part of that decision. 

The benefits of information system that worked under outsourcing IT solutions has been used widely all over the world for the past ten years. Currently, about 60% of European companies enjoy the benefits of outsourcing their IT solutions and their IT projects rather than having their own IT specialists in-house

IT outsourcing gives you both strategic and tactical advantages:
  • You receive access to extra resources, including high-class IT specialists. Due to constant growth and the complexity of innovational solutions in the IT business, the cost of work of highly skilled specialists steadily increases. Outsourcing makes the resources more affordable for many companies.
  • You can react quickly and adapt to the changes in the marketplace.
  • Along with getting high-quality software adapted for your specific needs, you receive support and maintenance.
  • You can cut your investments in non-capital assets. Outsourcing allows you to redistribute your investments and move the funds into strategically promising directions, saving on secondary ones.
  • Your overhead costs are decreased. Hiring an outsourcing company for your IT projects means you do not have to hire your own professionals – no salary, no salary-related taxes, no extra working places, no employee training.
  • You can take advantage of someone else’s experience. Outsourcing companies have experience of solving similar tasks, so they can apply most modern technologies and highly qualified personnel to complete your project.
  • Advanced technologies. A specialized IT company always is abreast of new developments in the IT market. An outsourcing company gives you a guarantee of professional responsibility.