Data center operations refer to the workflow and processes that are performed within a data center. 
This includes computing and non-computing processes that are specific to a data center facility or data center environment.It is also a facility used to house computer systems and associated components, such as telecommunications and storage systems. In addition is a pool of resources (computational, storage, network) interconnected using a communication network. Data Center Network (DCN) holds a pivotal role in a data center, as it interconnects all of the data center resources together.

Data center services encompass all of the and facility-related components or activities that support the projects and operation of a data center, which is an environment that provides processing, storage, networking, management and the distribution of data within an enterprise


Exist to evaluate the quality and reliability of a data center’s server hosting ability. The Uptime Institute uses a somewhat mysterious four-tier ranking system as a benchmark for determining the reliability of a data center. This proprietary rating system begins with Tier I data centers, which are basically warehouses with power and ends with Tier IV data centers, which offer 2N redundant power and cooling in addition to a 99.99% uptime guarantee.

A Tier III data center is concurrently maintainable, allowing for any planned maintenance activity of power and cooling systems to take place without disrupting the operation of computer hardware located in the data center. In terms of redundancy, Tier III offers “N+1” availability. Any unplanned activity such as operational errors or spontaneous failures of infrastructure components can still cause an outage. In other words, Tier III isn’t completely fault tolerant.

A Tier IV data center is fault-tolerant, allowing for the occurrence of any unplanned activity while still maintaining operations. Tier IV facilities have no single points of failure. The basic concept is that a Tier IV design requires double the infrastructure of a Tier III design. Note that both Tier III and Tier IV data center specifications require IT equipment to have dual power inputs to permit maintenance of power distribution components between the UPS and IT equipment.

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